Topic: Poaching, Extiction, Endangered animals.
Inquiry question: What would happen to the earth if all the animals became extinct?

Heading 1: RRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWW Black Rhinos are going extinct.

Source 1 action magazine

black rhinoceros certainly stands out from other types of animals in its African homeland.
A black rhino's skin is actually slate grey.

Paraphrased in my own words Most Black Rhinos stand out from other types of animals in its African.
A black rhinos skin is really slate grey.

Image This is one way that Black Rhinos become extint.

Black rhinos maybe start a fight.

Source 2 WR news edition

With a helicopter and some superstrong rope, experts recently flew some of the enormous, or huge, rhinos out of areas where they are hunted.

Paraphrased in my own words People try to get Black rhinos in there zoo so they hunt them down shoot them with a dart that will make them go to sleep.

external image CreditAndrewGell_large.jpg
People use Black rhinos horns so they can make jewelry

National Geographic Kids

The airborne animal mission was organized by the Black Rhino Range Expansion Project.
Black rhinos like to hang out in mud and water holes to cool off. Sometimes they even sleep there--standing up!

Paraphrased in my own words black rhinos are not black they are silk gray with a little bite of black black rhinos are in danger for the hunt people want to kill them for there amount of meat.

external image rhino-air-lifted-helicopter-release_43391_600x450.jpga humanm is petting the Black rhino to the ground some people kill black rhinos for there horns.

Heading 2: CAW CAW the Bald Eagles fly high but dies down low

Source 1
National Geographic Young Explorer!

facts Not long ago, almost all bald eagles were gone.
Bald eagles build large nests in tall trees.
They eat mostly fish. That’s why they build their nests near water.

Paraphrased in my own words Not long ago mostly all bald eagles were gone.
Bald eagles build a large nest in a large tree.
Bald eagles mostly eat fish that's why they live in a that is near water.

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQSTJGwM-tEbJDOgSUFaVUxJUmaIiX5frKQMBEhHAevr6rI5pHU3w
Bald Eagle ready for lift off.

Source 2 Scholastic News

Facts U.S. laws have protected bald eagles--America's national symbol--from hunting since 1940.
In 1972, the goverment banned a chemical that was harming Eagles eggs.

Paraphrased in my own words U.S laws protected the Bald Eagles.
In 1972, the goverment banned a chemmical because it harmed Eagle eggs.

bald eagle wallpaper (click to view)
bald eagle wallpaper (click to view)

Bald Eagle soaring through the sky.

Source 3 Washington Post

Facts Bald Eagles are not bald,though. Actully, the Adults" snowy white heads are covered with white feathers, just like there tails.

Paraphrased in my own words
Bald eagles are not actully bald, though. the adults" snowy white head are coverd with white feathers like their tails.
external image BaldEagles_b_006.jpg
Bald Eagle ganna swoop in and get a snack for Breakfast/Lunch or Dinner there main meal is alll types of fish but mostly small ones.


Source 1 mnn

Some estimates put the total number of breeding tigers at 2,500 with no subpopulation larger than 250.
Their habitat has been under assault by development over the past few decades.
We hunt them for fur, gallbladders, paws, teeth and their tail

Paraphrased in my own words there are like 3% of tigers left on the planet

external image bengal-tiger-playing_461_600x450.jpg
Both tigers are fighting trying to kill each other that is how most tigers die and thats a way why tigers are going extinct.

Source 2 All about wild life.

Until the 20th Century there were nine tiger subspecies that probably numbered over 100,000 animals.
The main reasons tigers are endangered—in most cases cases, critically endangered—are illegal hunting for their pelts, meat and body parts (used in folk medicines) as well as habitat loss that results from logging and other forms of forest destruction.

Paraphrased in my own words tigers are in danger because people want to kill them for their meat, teeth, fur because they want to have the stuff to live or to wear.

external image Warning!!!...Tiger_in_training...O)).jpg
These tigers one is the adult mother/father and the cud that stands for(Boy/Girl) like a baby thats a cub most tigers carry their young in there mouth

Source 3 All aboutt wild life top ten endangered tigers.

Fewer than 500 endangered Siberian, or Amur, tigers remain in the wild, all of of them in a small area of coastal Far-Eastern Russia.Althoughthe population has appeared stable until recently, these tigers are threatened by poaching, habitat loss due to logging, road-building and development, as well as by the problem of inbreeding that has resulted from the fact that, before conservation measures were implemented in the 1930′s, the entire population had collapsed to around 40 individuals

Paraphrased in my own words

external image tigers_knight+cat.jpg
The four Tigers the one on the right is the tiger that you usally see in the zoo.
The one on the left in between the tiger on the edge of the left and between the on on the right near the tiger you see in the zoo so the one with the eyes perked open is the White tiger.
The one on the left is a Mountain tiger same with the one in between the White tiger and the one you see in the zoo.